开始拍im体育手机官网并不容易. 不管是职业的还是业余的, you need the funds to be able to follow through with the project. 然而, there are many ways that you can raise the money to get your film funded. Some of these include grants from companies, crowdfunding 和 personal fundraising.

1. 筹款

For smaller projects, personal fundraising takes a lot of work, but it is very effective. 你可以举办一个筹款派对, 组织一个抽奖活动, 超市内的包装袋, or charge for advertisements if you are a theatre with programmes. This works well with smaller projects because you get to keep the money that you raise, 和 the donators are not normally wanting anything in return other than your finished project.

2. 集资”

集资” has become a more popular solution to funding for projects around the world. 网站s such as Kickstarter have a 46 per cent success rate for those who advertise. 一旦你在网站上放了广告, people from all over the world can pledge to donate a certain amount of money in return for some kind of perk or gift. 你承诺的钱越多,礼物就越好. 集资” relies heavily on those you know to donate; otherwise, it has to be interesting enough for strangers to donate. This may include a star name or a really interesting storyline or method of filming. It is not free money because of the perks you offer in return 和 the fee that the website may take. It also takes a lot of work to push your project on social media. 然而, there have been some very successful projects that have emerged through the help of crowdfunding websites.

3. 奖助金

There are thous和s of companies that award grants to artistic projects each year. The amounts vary 和 so there is almost certainly a grant out there that will fit your needs. If you secure a grant, it will boost the reputation of your project because you have a major donor. 然而, 奖学金的竞争非常激烈, 和 often lots of preparation 和 research are required to be considered for a grant. Companies are unlikely to give to a project that is unsure of its aims 和 is not thoroughly researched; this is because they want to make sure they are giving their money to people who are likely to produce a successful project.

All film projects have to start somewhere, 和 it is up to you to figure out your options. There is lots of funding available out there if you look for it. Everyone deserves the chance to follow their artistic dream. 祝你好运!


筹款需要很多努力. 记住,如果你不问,你就不会得到.
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