7 Questions About Raindance Film School

Raindance Film School

在雨舞im体育手机官网学院,没有一个典型的学生. All ages. All Creeds. All nationalities. All walks of life. 所有人都在一种强烈的欲望中团结在一起,想要用im体育手机官网制作这种迷人而复杂的工具来讲述故事. Are you curious?

Here are 7 Questions About Raindance Film School:

问题1:“我以前在伦敦上过类似的im体育手机官网制作课程. How is this course different?”

Answer: 伦敦或网上有很多im体育手机官网制作课程. 像这样的课程大多只包含以下三个要点中的一个:以重复为基础, immersion-based, or mastery-based. 雨舞课程的课程实际上包含了所有这三类. 在Raindance,你可以在im体育手机官网制作事业的发展中获得全面的经验.

请注意雨舞im体育手机官网学院课程以实践为基础的性质. 学生主要通过实践项目(剧本、短片等)进行评估。. ‘Learning by doing’.

Raindance offers 3 different Higher Education qualifications. All you need to do is choose your level of commitment. Raindance提供一年和两年的全日制课程,或两年的兼职课程.

Question 2:  “Is this Raindance Film School course for me?”

Answer: Whether you’re an emerging filmmaker, 职业生涯中期的专业人士寻求创意出路,或经验丰富的创意行业专业人士寻求重振活力或重新调整工具, or someone just curious about the film industry, I can tell you this. Raindance tutors are different from most other filmmaking courses. 他们在im体育官网的课程中浓缩了几十年的镜头后的经验. Raindance filmmaking courses has content for every single level.

im体育官网也有一些出色的新兴和成熟的im体育手机官网制作人从Raindance中学到了宝贵的经验,并且至今仍在使用这些技术和技巧! There is no doubt that whatever career or job you currently have, or what level you are at, 你将获得你能够应用的洞察力和知识. 

To top it off, 世界上没有其他任何一所im体育手机官网学院能提供如此广泛的im体育手机官网制作课程,并且运营着一流的国际课程 film festival like Raindance.

Question 3:  “Am I in your online classes on my own?”

Answer:  We moved our courses on-line during the pandemic. But now, we are back in person and hybrid.

The MA is PREDOMINANTLY online, 但伦敦的学生可以亲自参加RDHQ的前两个模块,所有学生也可以亲自参加任何全球中心的短期课程.

im体育官网的硕士课程也提供在线课程. 它是完全交互式的,让你能够与演讲者和你的同学互动. 您还将获得一个独特的课后跟进电子邮件与额外的资源.

In addition, Raindanceim体育手机官网学校运营着一个私人Facebook小组,鼓励创造性合作和头脑风暴. im体育官网还每月在im体育官网的国际中心和多个时区举行交流会议.


Question 4: “I’m terrible with tech, can I still do this?

Answer: Tech and equipment can be confusing. Our online courses are delivered by Google Hangout. im体育官网已经编写了教程和视频来解释软件是如何工作的.

As for Raindance Film School in-person and hybrid classes, im体育官网的导师和演讲者将以一种非常简单和易于理解的方式引导你通过技术细节. We know you will gain the confidence to take control yourself.

Question 5:  “What if I don’t have the time?”

Answer:  The future is starting now. 你需要做出选择,是想保持现在的状态,还是发挥你的创造力. If you don’t have the time to prepare for the future, 要获得新技能,在im体育官网快速变化的世界中茁壮成长,那么你比任何人都需要雨舞im体育手机官网学校的课程.


Question 6: “Am I ready for this?”

Answer: If you’re asking yourself this, 我敢说你生命中一定有什么事你没有去做是因为你觉得自己还没准备好. Honestly, with anything new in life you’re never going to feel . im体育官网的创始人,艾略特·格罗夫总是说,是时候做好准备,瞄准并开火了. Your action is going to feel uncomfortable at first. But on the other side you could well be at the very next level.

im体育官网有最好的人在游戏中给你世界级的教育. 如果你愿意投入工作并遵循im体育官网制定的计划,你就能得到这个.

Question 7: What if I just want a taste of filmmaking classes?

Answer: Why not explore our rich palette of weekend and evening courses. 它们旨在给你提供各种主题的最新指导,旨在让你的im体育手机官网想法从你的头脑中出来,并在纸上. 雨舞im体育手机官网学院高等教育的学生可以免费观看.

Happy filmmaking. 

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