This morning, walking into work, I realised there are 5 stages of a deal making process. I am always working on ‘deals’ – trying to rustle up money for the film festival, or trying to attract new sponsors to 飞雨. 1) The Flirt A pitch to one’s network of the basic idea. 你调情,你…


Making a movie can be an expensive proposition. 然而, with a bit of ingenuity and some careful planning, it is possible to make films on a low budget. In this blog, we will discuss three ways to make films on a low budget. 1. Shoot your film in one location There are many reasons to […]

Tips To Start Your Own Production Company Successfully

Starting your own production company can be overwhelming in the film industry. You’ll be able to produce TV and film projects that inspire you from within. While anyone can start a production company, many actors and filmmakers already have it in their mind to start a company at some point, 这个过程本身就很复杂. […]


Starting out making a film is not easy. Whether that is professional or amateur, you need the funds to be able to follow through with the project. 然而, there are many ways that you can raise the money to get your film funded. Some of these include grants from companies, crowdfunding and personal fundraising. 1. […]

The Webinar That Le广告 to Production

2021 was, for me, The Year of The Webinar. In July, I signed up for yet another: “Pitching for Producers,” run by Film Hub North. I would have been more excited if I’d known that it would lead me to getting my short film, 客栈老板, 投入生产.  Producer Jackie Sheppard, hosting the session, spoke […]

P for Pivot – Why You Need to Actively Create to Know What to Do Next

I’ve been working with a lot of really exciting creatives and artists in various stages of their career. And one of the things that I hear so often is, “I’ve realised… and I’ve also realised…”  This moment of discovery is such a great part of the creative process. 必要的,事实上. 感觉好! We […]

6 Emerging Technologies Revolutionizing the Film Industry

在这个时代, there’s no question that technological development is making films more exciting. From small films about Firefly launch to big blockbusters, success is owed to all the latest technology that can be employed. We’ve gone from film noir to sophisticated 3D films in a matter of years. 毫无疑问[…]

Making Sense of Film Dollars and Cents

时代变了! Thirty years ago when I started 飞雨 you needed about a million to make a film. You shot on film, paid lab and editing costs. When finished you were almost certain to get a movie theatre run followed by a home video release. To get your film financed you would spend […]