The Beginner’s Guide to Build a Social Media Network for Your Film

Here’s the beginner’s guide to build a Social Media Network for Your Film:
Let’s give people a reason to follow and like your project.

It is no mystery unless you are super famous already, it is important to establish your social media network for anything you do nowadays. I know some of you are not interested in having a lot of followers on Instagram, 推特, 脸谱网 and so on because you are not interested in this potentially superficial gimmicky world.

You are an artist and you have a burning desire to tell your great story to the world. You want to motivate and inspire people. You want to cultivate your directing, writing, producing and cinematography skills!

That’s what you are interested in, not becoming the next big social media superstar. 很好. 我同意你的看法. Having a strong social media network doesn’t mean you are a great filmmaker. 事实上, many of the truly talented artists that I’ve met are horrible with social media and they do not want to have anything to do with it. 他们只是想拍im体育手机官网. That’s what they are good at and that’s what they want to do, not find followers.


这个问题 is ironically the filmmaking world is not as simple as making a good film. There are so many of us who are making films nowadays and the competition in the industry is fiercer than ever. It’s not uncommon for a first tier film festival like 飞雨 to receive more than 10,000 film entries. 你将如何脱颖而出? Do you think your film is so good they must notice that you exist right? Have you thought about them actually checking out your social media network to see if you have an audience?


The fact is that you need to do everything you can to get people to notice your film. It’s not only for film festivals but for potential investors, distributors or anyone who is potentially interested in your film. Social media is a great indicator for people to assess how serious you are about your project.

I often see a project with 5 followers and no posting on 脸谱网, Instagram, 推特. I automatically assume that the project that I’m looking at is not serious, even if this could be the best film that I would ever see in my life!

Let’s put it in perspective: if you visit the page of some unknown film festival on 脸谱网 and see 5 likes and 4 followers, do you really want to spend your hard earned money to submit your film to this underdeveloped social media film festival?

你也一样. I believe it’s naive to assume that festivals never check out your social media but only your work. 换句话说, you cannot really avoid building your social media fortress if you want people to take you and your project seriously.

How to build your social media network

So, how to build your social media fortress?
How do you increase your followers and likes?

This are the million dollar questions! The fact is that everyone says you have to build your social media network. But very few people can give you practical advice because they themselves really do not know how to do it. It seems like if you are a beautiful woman, 猫或食物, your success rate is a lot higher in social media but our interest is to raise an awareness of our film project which does not necessarily fall into one of the most popular social media themes.  所以! im体育官网从哪里开始呢?


One of the answers that I can provide you out of my large arsenal of social media techniques today is to think about giving people something for free.  不仅免费而且 有价值的. You might ask, “Mmmm Yuji what are you talking about? 免费的东西? 这是疯狂的!”  好吧, I’m sorry but this is where we must start. 是的,免费的!  人们不需要花一毛钱!  Let’s see when you go to some website to look up some information, you often see an email signup form, saying “Sign up for our email list and receive free blablabla”

好吧, you might be interested in this free blablabla and give your personal email address. 免费的东西是诱饵. Now they have your contact information and they can send you an email anytime anywhere!

In marketing, this is called the lead magnet.  好吧, we are not collecting people’s email addresses today but my point is that people will give you a chance if you can give them something 有价值的 for free.  如果不是, what’s the motivation for the people to follow you or your project, especially if you are not already famous?


You might ask, “Jeez, do I have to have something physical to give out?” 好吧, that would be nice but you don’t need to.  You are a filmmaker you come up with with something cool without spending any money. You can give away something that is related to your film.

I would say the easiest and cheapest to start is “information.” People are always looking to learn something new, new information that could help them in their lives. Maybe they are looking for information that’s not easily available. If you can provide that information in an entertaining way, people will come find you. People will become your followers and fans. It doesn’t need to be a big budget production. The important thing is the content. What is something that is uniquely useful that you can provide to your audience? So, if you can find this “something” you can build your social media around it.  你有什么想法吗?

How I used my social media network

When I finished the documentary film 雕刻的神圣, I was very proud of my accomplishment. I naively thought people around the world would flock to see it.

Carving the Divine offers a rare look into a 1400-year-old Buddhist woodcarving tradition and the practitioners struggling to preserve its legacy in a rapidly changing Japan. This is a truly one of a kind documentary. We try our best to present the true authentic story of Japanese people.

It’s about the relationship between the master and apprentices and their journey of making one of the finest arts in the world. The film provides profound insight into the Japanese psyche as well as the nature of human perseverance through suffering.

对我来说, it was the gold nugget subject for a documentary that cannot be mimicked or copied very easily (That’s why it took about 6 years to make it!). I was confident that I was the only one who could do it. 然而, the hard truth is that people didn’t care about Carving the Divine as much as I wanted them to care about when I finished making it.

After all, I was just one independent filmmaker in a huge sea. I felt like someone was asking me, “Why should we listen to you, Yuji? Why should I give you my precious time to watch your film? 我为什么要给你机会? After all, you’re just one among many filmmakers with broken dreams!”


Someone told me that if you want to raise awareness of your project, you must build a social media network so I started building, 就像其他人一样.  我做了 脸谱网, Instagram, 推特 和YouTube帐户.

I started posting things here and there but I soon realized that I had no idea what I was doing. I didn’t have any structure and most importantly, I realized that there was no incentive for people to follow my social media.

我感到困惑和失望. I did extensive research everywhere and one day I came across information about marketing. There was a simple message “If you want to find your le广告/customers, if you want to get their personal contact information such as email or getting them to follow your social media account, you have to give something 有价值的 and useful for free.  它叫做铅磁铁.”

我就像一块磁铁? Yes, I need to find an incentive for people to follow my account. 我需要铅磁铁!  I need to give people something for free. But something useful, something 有价值的 And it has to be related to my film!”


The subject of the documentary Carving the Divine is Buddhist sculptors of Japan.  It is an extremely profound ancient Japanese Buddhist tradition.

Most Western people have no idea why I’m so enthusiastic about the subject. 他们喜欢日本文化.They understand the importance of Japanese culture, like the samurai tradition. But Westeners didn’t consider the Buddhist art tradition to be as cool, even though Japanese Buddhist statuary tradition is even older than samurai tradition.

有些人评论道:“所以? 佛陀坐着,对吧?”  here is a lack of appreciation and understanding of Japanese Buddhist statuary within the general population.

我问自己, “People nowadays love everything about Japanese culture but why are they not as interested in Japanese Buddhist sculptors? I’m sure once they find out what it is all about, they will be all over it!”

After a lengthy time of contemplation and research, I realized that people don’t understand fundamentally what Buddhism is. 事实上, many people are opposed to Buddhism because they believe Buddha to be the antithesis of Jesus Christ and learning about Buddhism is a blasphemy to their own belief.

好吧, many of us know that comparing Christianity and Buddhism is like comparing an apple and orange.  They are completely different animals.  换句话说, 在我看来, you can be a die-hard Christian at the same time, you can study Buddhism and learn its profound teaching.  That has nothing to do with giving up your own faith.  在任何情况下, the subject of Buddhism is so vast and so intimidating and it seems like only Buddhist scholars and practitioners can truly understand it.


So this is where I came up with my YouTube show, Carving the Divine TV (

I wanted to bring value to the people who are curious about Buddhism but do not have time to study deeply about it.

Carving the Divine TV is a series of Q&A sessions with Buddhist scholars and practitioners, exploring the basic concepts of Buddhism and the history of Buddhism.

Each episode is 5 to 10 minutes long. 这是一个容易理解的, digestible show so that people won’t be overwhelmed but rather learn about this serious subject in an enjoyable way.

We explore Buddhism from its mythological inception in India to its modern incarnation in Japan with scholars. Once people get the hang of it, we have longer episodes by Buddhist practitioners. Then, I hosted an art historian to talk about Japanese Buddhist statuary.

It is not a show that randomly talks about Buddhism but rather it is systematically organized for educational purposes.  The YouTube show Carving the Divine TV is my first lead magnet. 开始节目吧, I believed that I could begin to build an audience and my social media network.


But I wasn’t done yet; I wanted to provide additional value to my audience.  Carving the Divine is about modern-day Buddhist sculptors of Japan who make Japanese Buddhist statuary, 在日语中被称为Butsuzo. When you go to Japan, you see Butsuzo everywhere: temples, people’s houses, streets and so on. But if you didn’t grow up in Japan, it’s really difficult to know what they are and the stories behind them.

There are so many different Butsuzo and it’s very difficult to identify them and put them into the categories (Yes!  他们有类别!).  So, the question is that as outsiders, where can we start?


So, this is the reason why I teamed up with collaborators and contributors who are enthusiastic about Butsuzo to create a blog series called: Butsuzōtion: A blog dedicated to Japanese Buddhist sculpture appreciation (  再一次, this blog series is dedicated to the people who are interested in learning about Japanese Buddhist statuary.  im体育官网为他们带来了巨大的价值.   每个条目, 再一次, 就像雕刻神圣电视,  很短的, 易于理解和消化.  Also each entry is accompanied by pictures and diagrams.  im体育官网做的这个很重, difficult to understand subject (mainly only found in academia) entertaining and enjoyable for anyone!   Butsuzōtion is another example of a lead magnet.   By doing this blog series, I believed I could continue to build audience and my social media network.


给你的网络选项. for example, 我做了 these two easy-to-share trailers to fit with different social media profiles




So, that’s my social media story – just one example of how to build an audience online .  I’m sure you can create a successful path forward for your own project.  Let’s find something that you can give out for free that has value to your potential audience.  Let’s start finding your “lead magnet”.  从那里,  I guarantee you that it will get a lot easier to build your social media network (脸谱网, Instagram, 推特, Youtube and so on) around your “lead magnet”.  再一次, without any reason for people to follow you, it is very difficult to grow your potential audience and build your social media fortress and universe.  Let’s find a reason for people to care about your film.


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