在im体育手机官网节上有很多东西可以学习和体验. 有抱负的im体育手机官网人, 影迷们, and movie critics all gather to discuss the latest releases and the industry’s future. 当你幻想着去参加下一个大型活动的时候, 看看美国的这些顶级im体育手机官网节吧.S. 而西半球. You’ll discover new places to explore your interests and even showcase your future work.

1. 圣丹斯im体育手机官网节

People recognise Sundance as one of the best im体育手机官网节 in America because it prioritises independent movies. 与会者和主持人 收集10天 to watch screenings, mingle at parties, and listen to experts on panels. 许多行业趋势都起源于圣丹斯, so anyone who wants to make award-winning films should think about visiting the festival to find inspiration, 资金, 或有用的评论.


2. 翠贝卡im体育手机官网节

The movie industry has received endless criticism over previous decades about how it isn’t inclusive in front of and behind the camera. The 翠贝卡im体育手机官网节 is one of the top im体育手机官网节 in America because it turns those criticisms into action. It prioritizes movies made by emerging voices that platform innovative stories and underrepresented characters.


3. SXSWim体育手机官网节

Directors and producers submit their movies to the South by Southwest (SXSW) festival because the qualifying work joins other films in the running for Oscar awards. It’s on every list of the best im体育手机官网节 in America because it’s so competitive and features films in every category, 包括最佳叙事短片. 当你对参加美国的顶级im体育手机官网节感到好奇时,你会想去哪里.S.,将这个庆祝活动添加到你的日历中.


4. 瓜达拉哈拉国际im体育手机官网节

No cinematic professional would miss the 瓜达拉哈拉国际im体育手机官网节. 同时也是美国最顶级的im体育手机官网节之一, 这是西半球著名的im体育手机官网盛事. You’ll have to travel to Mexico to attend, so be mindful of existing COVID-19 travel restrictions. 用伪装来保护自己很重要,但你也一样 30倍于病毒的风险 通过预订公共航班. Investing in a sanitary private plane could be the best way to stay healthy and still travel the world for your career.


5. 多伦多国际im体育手机官网节

不要错过多伦多国际im体育手机官网节. 作为一个导演, 作家, 演员, 或梦想家, you’ll love seeing the future Oscar-winning movies before they hit theatres. 节日屏风 300和400部全球im体育手机官网 吸引了25万或更多的观众. You’ll meet other people who adore the big screen as much as you before the fall movie season begins.


6. 温哥华国际im体育手机官网节

The western hemisp在这里 also features the 温哥华国际im体育手机官网节 (VIFF), which showcases roughly 200 movies and short films at numerous venues. 每次检查后, VIFF employees interview the people who made each submission to immerse everyone into innovative discussions that push the industry forward.


7. 惠斯勒im体育手机官网节

The 惠斯勒im体育手机官网节 Society is a non-profit organisation that showcases unheard voices in laid-back venues. Attendees are encouraged to mingle and relax while discussing the films and industry experts that fascinate them. It’s also an excellent opportunity for fans and creators to dive into the Canadian film world more deeply, which is a massive entertainment industry sector in the western hemisp在这里.


8. 幻想曲im体育手机官网节

在参观了美国的娱乐活动之后.S.然后飞往蒙特利尔. Every year, it hosts the 幻想曲im体育手机官网节 and offers free screenings to interested parties. You could watch everything from horror movies to groundbreaking documentaries over the three-week event that gets global attention every year for its individualistic genre cinema.


9. 美妙的节日

如果你不喜欢心理剧, 在参观美妙的节日的时候,你可能会发现自己就像在家里一样. It meets once a year to celebrate upcoming fantasy, horror, action, and sci-fi movies. 很多次, attendees don’t know which movie they’re about to see until the theatre lights fade into darkness. The secret screenings are a big pull for interested film students and industry professionals alike.


10. Cinetopiaim体育手机官网节

People recommend Cinetopia when discussing the best im体育手机官网节 in America because it brings leading films from other festivals to audiences in Michigan. Attendees watch movies at notable cultural sites that prioritise less frequently represented communities. It’s an excellent opportunity for people who want to see buzz-worthy films without leaving the U.S.



现在你已经了解了美国的顶级im体育手机官网节.S. 还有西半球,把它们加到你今年的计划中. You could connect with industry leaders and insiders that change how you view movies or plan your cinematic career. 无论你去哪里旅行, you’ll invest in your future and enjoy the latest that the film industry has to offer.


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